Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D explained
The 4 parts of Medicare, how they work together, what they cost, how and when to enroll, and key things you need to know.

3 Critical Medicare Enrollment Deadlines
Learn the key deadlines that apply to Part B enrollment, prescription
plan (Part D) enrollment, and Medicare supplement enrollment, plus the consequences.

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement
What are the differences between Medicare Advantage & Medicare
Supplement and what does it mean to YOU and your $$.

Plan F vs Plan G. Which is Better?
Learn from real-life examples of what the differences are between these two Med Supp plans, and why there can be a financial advantage to getting one plan over…

Finding a Part D Drug plan
Step-by-step way to zero in on the Part D plan that is right for you.
It all starts with the medicines you are taking today…

Captive Agent vs Broker
Your choice of agent can save you or COST you Thousands!!!

Congress changes plan F
Find out what effects this will have on YOUR pocketbook!

2016 Donut Hole Costs
Coverage gap? Catastrophic Coverage? Learn how this affects YOU.

Part D Late Enrollment Penalty
Waiting to get a Prescription plan? Learn how Medicare charges you a penalty.

Top 5 Medicare Mistakes
Check out these tips to keep more money in YOUR pocket where it belongs!

Under Observation or Admitted into Hospital?
Find out how this small difference in terminology can cost you

Good Morning America : Dangers of Medicare Advantage
National news: High Risks of Medicare Advantage

Will my Doctor take my supplement?
Learn about what makes Medicare different from private insurance, how it works with your doctors, and what “standardization” means for supplementary coverage.