Turning 65 Plans

senior_photos_5Are you like most seniors overwhelmed by mail, calls & information?  Our free service can help you cut through it all and simplify the whole process.

Turning 65 is a very confusing time… the overload of information is enormous.  Your choice of agent can either help or hinder you both now AND in the future.  Will that agent be there to assist you 2, 3, 5 years down the road?  If you choose an agent who ONLY works with seniors Turning 65, you might just never see them again.  An agent that stays in touch, checks on your plans each and every year, both Drug plans and Supplement plans can save you time & more importantly, money.  It’s YOUR money, you worked hard for it… you want an agent with YOUR best interests in mind:  To keep as much of YOUR money in YOUR pocket as possible.

You want an agent to be  loyal to YOU, not the insurance company.  It’s important to  shop the market each and every year to make sure you CONTINUE to have the least expensive plan possible.This can save people $500 a year, $1000 per year or even more on the same exact plan with the same exact benefits.

If you check P100 in the Medicare & You Guidebook 2016, you will find the following statement: “ Different insurance companies may charge different premiums for the EXACT same policy”.  What that means is that each and every company offering a Plan G for example has the EXACT same benefits, except for the price.  They all have to pay the bills and your doctor will take any of them, no matter which company it is.

Beware of the only turning 65 agent,  they will quickly be on to the next person and you might never hear from them again.