Medicare cover hearing aids?

medicare cover hearing aidsMedicare cover hearing aids?

Medicare cover hearing aids?  The short and long answer is NO.  Original Medicare (Part A & Part B) does NOT cover hearing aids.  Medicare doesn’t cover anything like that.  I know that’s a big frustration for people because hearing aids are  generally expensive, especially the really good quality ones.

Medicare cover hearing aids is a questions folks have asked us for years & years.  Up until last year, we just didn’t think there was a good plan that we could recommend to our clients.  Finally one of the companies we do Medicare Supplements with has put together a very good plan. It is about $1 a day.

You can use it for dental, vision and hearing or combination of the three.   You can choose any dentist, optometrist provider that you would like.  There are no network restrictions and no waiting period for Basic & Preventative services.  The benefits go up every year & there is no contract.  It’s month to month.

It’s not just for seniors. I have some dental problems in the past.  I have the plan and I am using it for dental care.  Maybe I’ll get some contacts eventually.  I don’t know.  Right now I wear little reading “cheater” glasses..  But I have the option of using my “pool” of money  however I like.  You have your options all  for about a $1 a day  You can have a look at the video below.   If you don’t want to watch it now here is the website. You will see my smiling face again.

medicare cover hearing aidsicare

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