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Insurance Savings for Seniors

Our goal is simple:

To Help seniors save Money !

We provide unbiased help on selecting a Medicare supplement plan by shopping the market for you.  This service is FREE and regularly saves clients $300, $500, $1000 or more EVERY year!

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Who are we?

Liberty Senior Savings was started in 2008 by Nicole Rada when she watched a beloved family member battle with insurance company bills. This led into leaving her Real Estate Career to help Seniors full time. The Medicare road is a confusine one & there is a tremendous need to treat seniors with the respect they deserve & help them along the way.

By being an independent agent vs a captive agent (working only for one specific company) we can truly service our clients by finding them the best deal in the marketplace & saving them $300, $500, $1000 & sometimes even more over what they are currently paying now.

Let us help you with your Medicare Plan.  Our service is free & you will have the same great coverage..... just at the right price.

Call us Toll Free (888) 506-7510 for your no obligation FREE quote.

Watch an example of how Nicole helps seniors, by being truly an independent agent vs a captive agent who can only sell one brand.